Movierulz and other illegal things you’re doing on the internet

I don’t know about you, but I love movies. Whatever is new, I go with my friends to see it in the theater.

Action, romance, Sci-Fi – you name it, and I watch it. I don’t always have money to go to the theater, though, and sometimes end up watching on YouTube or Movierulz, or something like that. I’ll invite all my friends over, make bags and bags of popcorn, rearrange the living room to be more like the theater, and we all just sit and watch movies on end.

The most recent one we watched was on Movierulz – Rogue One. It was so good. Then, we watched the new Disney one – Vaiana. And, we’re planning on watching Why Him and Fences soon.

Once in a while we even watch Bollywood movies.

Sometimes my mom complains that all we do is watch movies, but movie watching actually can have some benefits.

First, movies can teach us awareness about social issues or moral issues. They can inspire us to go out and do good, or to change something about ourselves.

Second, we can experience thrilling scenes that would never actually happen in real life. You can experience other worlds or vacations you didn’t actually go on, and it releases stress. Watching funny movies lets you laugh, and laughing is good for your health.

Also, once my girlfriend of two years broke up with me and I was destroyed. How did I deal with that? Watched movies.


When I was learning Spanish, I set the subtitles to English and listened to moves in Spanish. Did it help? Yes. Language learning can be improved with movies.

And that time I had to study World War II for my history class and was having a hard time because I was so bored… yes, movies. I looked up the most historically accurate World War II movies and watched them.