Home Security Systems Comparison: Myth vs. Truth

The systems offered to the public to assist in the issue of home security are many. Security, being essential for the development of a full life, is sometimes neglected because there are often thoughts or doubts that dissuade us from hiring a security system.

Many times we see a home security systems comparison online and everything seems the same to us, and for not wanting to investigate some more, we decide that we don’t need a security system. Here are some myths about the security systems that dissuade us from making this investment:

• It costs a lot of money

Not all of them. A good idea would be to do a comparison of both companies as well as their alarm systems. You’ll very likely find something that fits in your budget.

• You must sign a service contract

It is a very common misunderstanding. The process can actually be as simple as buying a system, installing it, and that’s it – without undergoing a service contract.

• Everything must be installed by professionals

Installation isn’t too difficult, and can be done by homeowners who can read installation instructions.

• Pets will trigger the alarm.

There are motion detectors that exclude pet movements, because security systems companies know their customers could have animals living with them.

• My house is already very safe

For some reason you believe you do not need a home security system or security products. Consider the fact that thieves are looking for valuable objects without protection. And, there is more to home safety than worrying about intruders. Home security products like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are effective ways to prevent tragedies at home.

home security systems comparison

• Wireless alarms don’t work

While this may have been true in the past, today we have more advanced technology that makes these an excellent option.